Thursday, August 4, 2016

Homework For 4 August

Homework For 4 August
Subject Homework Date of submission Links(if have any)
Math Unit 10 Worksheet,
Math AA Bridge
Worksheet by 5/8/16,
Bridge by 5/8/16
Science Physics Forces Worksheet 1&2 Worksheets by 11/6/16 None
Chinese 实用文改正实用文改正 by 5/8/16 Chinese Google classroom
Engish Literature reviewDue: 7/8/16 None
IH iBook and Chapter 2(if you have not finished) Unknown None
IRSIRS Project Final Term 4 Week 2  None
Admt Infographics Data (4 sets) Unkown None
I&E ALOU Template on your problem
you chose
12/8/16 I&E Google Classroom
National Day is coming!

Remember to study hard for your Level Test! 
Bring writing and graph paper for level test!

Pls tell me if i have missed out anything :)
Here is a photo of the whiteboard if you need :)

P.S. Mr Yeo's birthday on 6 August