Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homework For June-Math

Mr Zeng's Email

So Just Use This As Reference For The Work.   :)

Dear Students,

Please note the following tasks and deadlines.

1. June Holiday Revision for Only students who obtained less than 60%(36 marks) for the common testDo on A4-sized lined writing paper and staple in the order shown below. Due Date: 26 June
  • Sec 1 workbook pg 3 Q9 (Use of calculator and accuracy of numbers)
  • Sec 1 textbook page 24 Review Exercise 1
  • Sec 1 textbook page 221 Review Exercise 8
  • Sec 1 textbook page 252 Review Exercise 9
2. June Holiday Revision and Practice for ALL studentsDue Date: 26 June
  • Sec 1 workbook pg 41~44, Revision Test A1 and A2 (Do on A4-sized lined writing paper and staple together to submit)
  • Assignment 8.1 and 8.2 (on inequalities) (Do on A4-sized lined writing paper and staple together to submit)
  • Australian Mathematics Competition 2015 (for practice), submit solutions online using the google form sent via email by 27 June.
3. There are compulsory online activities for 3 topics planned for Term 3 for ALL students:Due Date: 26 June
  • 09 Functions and Linear Graphs
    • Preparation for the 1st section for 09 Functions and Linear Graphs
  • 10 Data Handling
      • Study "Mission Possible" of 10 Data Handling (This is basically a revision on the various types of statistical representation that they learnt in primary school - nothing new here)
  • 12 Geometrical Constructions
    • Self-study all the content in Ace-learning before term reopens
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Have a fruitful holiday.


Mr Zeng Wei 曾威
Academic Staff,  Mathematics Department
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