Thursday, February 18, 2016

Homework for 18/2/16

1)Maths level test 2014 and 2015(Due Next Monday)
2)IH Silk road trade.
3)Science separation techniques worksheet 1(due tomorrow) and worksheet 2(due next Wednesday)
4)English Groups excel sheet for respective passages.(Tomorrow)
5)Chinese composition on a primary school teacher.(Next Monday)
6)ICT IMovie
7)SnW Crouch Start video upload
8)Presentation for the item for cookie jar challenge.(1 min per person)
9)ADMT design for school chair and table(due next Tuesday)
10)Read the article on bullying(reflection on Wednesday morning in class)
11)Maths corrections for assignment 3.3 and Percentage.
*Those who have not passed up your SEd form are reminded to pass it up tomorrow
**File all your worksheets into your maths file and Chinese file.(File check next week)