Saturday, January 2, 2016

Orientation Day 2 - 6 Jan

Timeline of Events (Day 2, 6 Jan 2016)
TimeActivityDescriptionObjectives10Cs / 4RResourcesVenue
0515 - 0545Wake up call for PSLsPSLs to clean their own site as well.N/ASST
0545 - 0630PSLs gather + Fast briefing for entire board by OICsBriefing on day’s event at PSB room.PSLsPSB room
630Wake up and Wash up time for Sec 1s.Sec 1s to wake up at own time own target but must assemble by 0630. Sec 1s will also be required to fully clean up sleeping area by 0630.
Everyone to be gathered at canteen for breakfast.
0630-0730BreakfastTime includes clean up for canteen.Catered foodSST
0730 - 0805Morning AssemblyClasses to assemble in the ISH to go through a normal day of flag raising.ISH
0805 - 0840Morning EnergisersClass PSLs to play energisers. (sacrifice this time to clean up this area if you have not done so)PSLsSST
0840-0900Briefing5 mins quick run through of day’s schedule.

15 mins for PSLs to debrief on Amazing Race. Class can set off once they are briefed.
0900-0930Class Cheer CompetitionPSL’s to facilitate a competition of class cheers based on enthusiasm and creativity of cheerPSL’sISH
0930-1130School Ext. tourExternal Tour of SST's surroundings. PSL’sSchool surroundings
1130 - 1230Closing ceremonyStudents to buy their own lunch
PSLs eat with students at school canteen.
Clean up time is included.
1230 - 1330Lunch and packing upLunch at Canteen, Students to pack up their bagsPSL’s
1330 - 1700Badge Night rehearsalStudent Council take over Sec 1 cohort for Badge night rehearsals. SCsMPH